With the change in time, a tremendous change is bought up in the life of human beings. The transformation from a monkey to an intelligent human being is magnificent. With the changes in the era in collaboration with the skills and trend, business is transformed to e-business. Who said everything is positive, with positivity there is soulmate negativity. These both thing can’t be separated, so with the pros of e-business, there are cons for it too.


Changing from the method of face to face shopping and trials now we just refer the pic, size, color and order it. Shopkeepers are much frustrated with the changes as the emerging young talents have taken up their share in the market. Who will not be worried if their position is captured by anyone, even the PRIME MINISTER is afraid to lose his power. Pros are for young talent and cons are for a traditional method of business.

Amazon and Flipkart may have employed a lot of people but it will not be fair to not say that if have also destroyed the life of small business, artisans. With the change in the environment, things have changed. Now, you can order your food,  milk, fruits online as such a wide variety of apps are available for such things. Both Flipkart and Amazon directly hired about 80000 people, including temporary workers. Many big stores like shoppers stop have cut down on their new store opening as a result from e-business.

In 3 years 90% of bookstores in Bangalore have closed. Electronic dealer sales are down by a whopping 40% to 80% in just last 2 years.

Be so much that the change will not affect you much. E-business is a new business but a never-ending business. It may improve and emerge from time to time but it cannot be ended as the dynamic nature of it.



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