Interview: Parbeen Singhal


“When you know the purpose for your life you have won the half battle already.”

Parveen Singhal, a traveler by passion and a successful entrepreneur and influencer by profession


 Parveen singhal, a boy from a small town of Haryana, who made it big in the city. He was first exposed to the world when his elder brother, Vinay singhal, asked him to move to Chennai. The air of Chennai caught the nerve of this small town boy Parveen felt the hunger for ambition for the first time when he interacted with the young blood in his college With every other person he mct in thercon, added up to his desires for finding the purpose of his life.

Life lessons from Parveen’s life

 “Failures will make you fearless”, Parveen says. Life’s lessons in his book are certainly one of its kind. In his journey he had seen it all from the dirt of the ground to cloud nine. His failures only taught him to rise up again, more resiliently

Success is..

 He always wanted to create to impact of his work, which he certainly had done with Wittyfeed. As long as his works continues to make the a tte casier for people out there in the world, his work will be only adding feather to his success cap.

 A piece of advice for young entrepreneurs.

 Don’t hesitate to start. Don’t be afraid to fall. Either ways life will offer you plenty of teaching be sure you grab them with open and restart again with more energy and wisely.


 Parveen’s key to a happy life.

 “Fall in love with your journey, there nothing more beautiful than that”


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