Interview: Sonal Anand


She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.


Sonal Anand’s journey is all you need to know if you are seeking for inspiration. She is punctual, passionate, humble, fun loving, dedicated, full on life, workaholic and influencer. She is an event coordinator, done over 250 wedding. She is associated with Sony entertainment television, Bharat petroleum and Hindustan petroleum. She is the authorized vendor for Raddison Hotel.

The story of first pay..

We were supposed to a fashion show in Jal auditorium. Fach one of us was asked to make a garment and model it ourselves. Back then I was no less fashion monger and had ample of confidence to make the walk. I still cherish my first walk and the applause I received. My dress made it to the market immediately. When I came down from the ramp. I asked about the price of the garment. And there my first ever pay happened! I earned five hundred rupees, a big amount in 1994. (Chuckles)

You have travelled so far, how did the things began on the first place? My first designed garment which it successfully to the market opened the window for me, allowing the sunshine to sooth the shine of my fabric love and wind which flew in ignited the fire of making it big in the world of garments. With orders flowing in every now and then, I knew I had move a step closer to the dream that dances in my imagination.

You must have heard about connecting the dots concept that’s exactly how it looks now (Sighs with a smile) Back then while I was struggling to establish myself, my brother-in-law asked me if I could something with denims. And the idea got hitched to my designing thought line. I burned the candle both the ends to get those 25 denim garments ready. Out of 25, only 2 failed to make to the clients order. The client asked for 6 pieces of each design he approved. I delivered 138 pieces for my first order.

After two of years running, I caught the pace. I was the first one to my brand name with Globus and was also the only lady from India who was invited to attend their International Trade Center.

 When were the seeds of Entrepreneurship sown in your thoughts?

 My father was an officer so when I used to visit places with my mother, I admired the respect my mom received on her way, people greeting her, “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, bowing as sign of respect. Somehow those images caught their roots in my heart and I decided to something to earn the same respect one day. My thoughts about work always concentrated on the idea of working for myself, an entrepreneur.

A piece of advice for the aspiring entrepreneur.. Be certain about your objective. The absoluteness of your objective will prove to the umate source of power and motivation in your journey. As in my journey I always wanted to feel the pride of saying, “I did it”. And it did worked for me, every time I faced a challenge the only thing kept me going was the thought of saying, I did it”, after coming back resilient from al the storms I survived.


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