“Your Only Limit is You”

A Digital Marketer and social media expert, consultant, trainer, speaker with qualified Diploma in Digital Marketing from IIM Kashipur. Himanshu have been born and brought up in Ujjain although life has taken him to various places for work i.e. Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and now Indore!


Well, to put in simple words, Himanshu is a Geek who is in a long-term relationship with Google and enjoys flirting with Social Media. Romancing with Internet for a living began years back when I got my first stint at web designing.

THE STRUGGLE || #मेहनत के दिन

When Himanshu shifted to Indore where he landed his first job which involved SGS solution. The job profile was hugely different from Digital Marketing. It wasn’t bad but surely it was monotonous. Imagine a job which revolves around a specific list of 50 odd commands, executed at a fixed time each day.

There is no doubt that he learned a lot but it became boring. Gradually over the years, he enhanced his skills to Web designing. It was better than mainframes but still, it was featureless.

Internet and web designing, even while being my passions, were limited to small freelance gigs and a hobby. Though he also gained expertise in Social Media with familiarity in Google Adwords and Affiliate Marketing, but only as a freelancer.

THE TWIST IN LIFE || #अचानक परिवर्तन

It took 8 hours to create a concrete action plan to switch his career and transform his passion into daily life.

Himanshu geared up, worked upon his plan which involved restless days and nights of studying, researching and practicing the concepts of Digital Marketing. Himanshu believed that it is better to have more hands on experience rather than theory.

That is why Himanshu join Digital Marketing course from an IIM kashipur.

After few months of “trying-failure-retrying-rectifying-progressing”, Himanshu gained expertise over Digital Marketing avenues and soon landed a job too.

THE PRESENT TIMES ||  #आज का दौर

Himanshu spearheads White Pixel 360, a Digital Marketing agency based in Indore. Himanshu believes ‘Digital Marketing is All About Practise’ and hence acclaimed organisation like Spear Comunication,Anik Dairy, Conard System, V-Revive, Stay on Fire, E-education live, Wattle Tree Technologies, Delhi School of Internet Marketing, MBA Wave, and another 12+ brands are part of White Pixel 360 client list.

By deep level of understanding their business, their audience and market, Himanshu have been creating strategies which have helped them build a brand, gain trust and increase their business manifolds through higher conversions.

SPEAKER ||  #बोलना सीखा

Being a speaker has its own charm as well as responsibility. When hundreds and thousands of people look towards you while you stand at the stage and are committed to deliver valuable knowledge, it is either make it or break it situation. He truly love being a speaker because Himanshu Enjoy sharing the knowledge, insights and experience which Himanhsu have acquired over 3 years of relationship with Digital Marketing.

His most recent speaking stint was in Digi Text and Discover Ideas where he talked about Power of Social Media. One great part about being a part of events is that it gives you a chance to meet many like-minded people. Meeting such great people enables us to share information, gain some knowledge and network to team up together for work.

TRAINING || #सीखना और सिखाना

It was the same reason which provoked him to create an offline/Online training module which truly adds value to the knowledge seekers and help then utilize their learning in getting better job, making their online/offline business better, make them a better freelancer or run their own affiliate marketing or e commerce business.

Working on this idea, Himanshu established a training system which works on Online/Offline Video based modules with each module having a practical assignment in the end. These assignments are manually checked by me along with weekly doubt clearing sessions, 24 x 7 support and access to special Facebook group.

Now, Himanshu is started classroom training in Indore at White Pixel 360.                         


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