Feminine Style Of Management & Leadership


Feminist leadership from a feminist perspective mean our understanding of “good and ideal power, leadership structures and style patriarchal- and thus value what is seen as “Masculine and revere as well as honour maleness above all. Feminist leadership is about subverting traditionally masculine and male notions of power, and sometimes doing so by embracing what we see as feminine qualities and traits.


“Feminist leadership” is about fundamentally changing what “power looks like at work”.

Practice what you Sermonize-Formally and Informally:

It is also about codifying those values and building a work culture that foster them and they should follow their own policies and values even when it is hard or when they not think anyone is watching. They should be focused on building diverse and inclusive space at work keeping operations transparent and doing all they can acknowledge the needs and desire of everyone their decision impact.

Reconceptualise “Success and Hard work”:

Feminist leadership is about rewarding labour and success differently. And in order to do that, feminist leaders need to place an emphasis on individual freedom, flexibility, and empathy. A feminist leader knows that a workplace is only well-grounded when its members have control over their own lives and the sense of balance they need to keep it in motion. Rather than push their own employees to fit into a specific idea or mould, a feminist leader figures out where each employee stand out – and then uses their unique skills to the organization’s benefit. Is about fostering workplaces where everyone feels valued, pleased and visible.

Share power and credit:

 Cherish everyone’s contribution- and putting the process over self-importance. Try to see everyone’s unique contributions in full light and value equitably. It is about sharing authority and power and making decisions collaboratively.

                                    “Reject the LONE WOLF”

Instead, feminist leadership is about collective leadership, democratic power structures, and consensus-building. It is about dismantling hierarchy, not just doing better within one. Posits that we all have the capability to lead. Feminist leadership challenges us to see the best in one another, and help each other to grow and succeed. It is about challenging ourselves and the people we work alongside to trust one another, support one another and grow with one another.        

Mentor and Empower:

Leadership isn’t natural or inherent. Often good leaders aren’t self taught. Instead, they’re mentored and empowered by their colleagues and shaped by their experiences.

Patriarchal notions of power pit us against one another. Feminist leadership challenges us to see the best in one another, and help each other to grow and succeed. Feminist leadership challenges each and every one of us to focus on cultivating the “next generation” of leaders; helping teach one another the skills we’re well-versed in ourselves, and sharing power and opportunity. Instead of focusing on how high we can climb the corporate ladder, Instead of competing amongst ourselves for glory and control, feminist leadership challenges us to share the wealth of knowledge and skills we have with one another for the greater good of what we’re working toward. It means embracing that each of us can both teach and learn – that within every single one of us is the potential for more greatness and to impart some of that greatness on someone else.

To be a feminist leader in any work environment is “Revolutionary”.

And that is pretty damn powerful, if you ask me.

Sayma Patel

Holds degree in MBA (Advertisement and public relation) from prestige institute of management and research,Indore. Work as freelancer content writer and creative feature writing, Lifestyle blogger.