Feminism is about equality & individualism. The right to be able to choose, speak & do whatever we want as we want & not to be judged so easily by society. A revolution of living the world together, after all it is the true struggle for power, social rights and respect.


She carries galaxy in her own.

Contemporaneous every person is full of assumption that feminist assumes all men are to be hated, for the feminist this statement is wrong, feminism gives equality and individualism a meaning.

Feminism does not mean:-The belief that women are superior, That someone has negative views of men, That it’s just another word for “complaining all the time”, That feminine things are “Bad”.

feminism is shunned because many people think that it as a potential danger which may interchange power relationship between men and women and can make women superior to men, Rather, (it’s not like that) it is a movement of establishing equality of both the sex’s which includes safeguarding equal rights, opportunities & choices for every one person irrespective of sex.

Feminism is a way right to define yourself whether it being a homemaker or being a scientist, from cutting your short hair or being balled or having long hair or not, from shaving your legs to not shaving at all.

Feminism is definitely not about saying that dresses and pink and everything else we code as feminine is ‘bad.’ It’s about saying that these things are not inherently associated with women at all. In fact, it’s also about acknowledging that these things have been devalued due to their association with women, but shouldn’t be- people tend to mock things and people for being feminine, and we should be suspicious of the fact. This means that feminism tries to balance out societal views of “feminine” and “masculine” things while acknowledging that there’s no reason these things should be gendered, or valued based on gender we assign them, in the first place. You can like cars or dresses or pink or blue without any assumption being made about your Identity.

As true feminist it’s a job to support the choices of other even when we may not agree with them. There are no levels we have to touch cross to be the ultimate feminist. You can be a woman who believes in equality without labelling yourself as a feminist. The message is to fight for what’s right and true to you, without labels, without judgement, and without feeling superior to anyone regardless of beliefs.

                               We just believe.

                               We may/may not be feminist.

                               We are equal.

It’s not that we’re just Reinforcing Gender. “It’s about “Feminism as Equalisim.”

By Sayma Patel,

 Holds degree in MBA (Advertisement and public relation) from prestige institute of management and research,Indore. Work as freelancer content writer and creative feature writing, Lifestyle blogger.



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