Balance and Composure


Maintain yourself and everything maintains itself around you


Today we are living in the world of uncertainty, where a minute ago we prepare ourselves for one challenge another challenge pops up. Not just that, these challenges are getting bigger day by day and it could be favourable or unfavourable according to how an individual perceives it. So it is completely up to you to cry over it or get up and face it.

You call them a problem or you may see an opportunity behind it

Challenges, opportunities or problems, as we call them, are generally categorized into three types-

  • The unfavourable things that happened in past.
  • The situations of present.
  • The unpredictable future.

We may be facing issues in our personal life (relationship, death of loved one, divorcé, parenting problem) or it could be related to ones profession (career growth, colleague issues, biased boss etc) or both at the same time .

But let us ask ourselves, what is the one thing that is common in all these situations?

Yes, it is “CHANGE”. And as they say–

‘The only thing constant in life is CHANGE’.

So next time when you face a problem do remember –problem is nothing but a change of circumstances in your life.

However most of us are never ready for such changes because we are so used to our comfort zone. We are so habitual of following the same routine, whether we find it pleasant or not, that even a minute change makes us feel uneasy and henceforth we categories change as problems.

“Changes are mere changes, how good or bad, that we need to decide.”

In every situation that we face there exist certain controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Controllable factors are like our health, our positive mindset or relations etc whereas uncontrollable are sudden happenings over which we have no control like sudden death of loved one, financial crisis, job uncertainty etc etc.

  Our focus should be to maintain those controllable factors, gather positive energy from there and divert that towards those uncontrollable factors.

Talking about controllable factors, it majorly includes your “state of being”. But ironically the first thing we loss while facing any major issue is that only.

Let’s understand this by considering a situation of a major financial loss to someone. Usually this financial loss leads to bad relationships, depression, hypertension, heart issues and what not.

So yes, going through financial loss was certainly uncontrollable but what about the rest?

We take our relationship, our mental and physical health so granted that during the process of getting out of uncontrollable circumstances, we usually end up making the situation even worse by keeping our relations and health at stake.

Another major issue is we usually have the tendency of hoping over the issues and not finding the solutions out. Because having issues, tension or workload is somewhat considered part and parcel of life.

And then comes the right that we give ourselves of being anger, rude or cruel to others while we are facing any issues. We demand others to understand us at the time of our low.

But the question is – Are we able to understand ourselves before demanding it from others?

And what about the possibilities of the other person being in equal or more pain during the same time?

Always remember there is no such problem which has no solution or opportunities attach to it, all it requires is the right mindset, right approach and definitely a good state of being.

So what actually implies when I say “right state of being” –

State of being basically implies the overall physical and mental condition of a person.

Right state of being is the ability of being and spreading positivity even in the worst stage of life too.

Because the history has proven that the one who masters the art of handling changes skilfully by maintaining a positive spirit has conquered the world because he is out of the vicious cycle of following the routine.

And do remember the solution will only be visible, when the mind and body are at peace because-

When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

Reshma Bachwani
Holds degree of Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur and pursuing MBA form Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore. A profound anchor and trained in theater work


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