Are women safe in India?


India, one of the largest religious countries of the world which is known for its diversity, culture and great tradition. India is the country where women are given the most respected place in the society since ancient times. Since they are treated as the avatars of Goddess Laxmi and Annapurna in every house .


Then why is there a question mark on their safety …… are women safe in India ..? This is because there is a gender stereotype in India where the success of women is not treated as highly as that of a man, this existing stereotype serves as a reason why we are asking this question. Now a days we are moving towards a society where women are everywhere from working in kitchens to working as professionals. Times are changing, and so is the belief that women is not safe in our country.

Each and every individual have their own opinion, their own view about it . From my point of view

women are safe in India . I feel so because safety doesn’t mean the feeling that you will or will not be raped or harassed by men around you , feeling of safety means you can have ability to stand in number of men without any hesitation, putting your point of view in front of everyone without any fear , can raise your voice against crime and can take the decisions of your life while breaking all the stereotypes which stop you in achieving your dreams .

So my message to each and every woman who is reading this is-

Believe in yourself

Be aware of yourself

Be brave and bold

No one can stop you ,no one can make you feel safe , one can do this is only oneself , take a step forward towards your goals and you will see the world as a safe place to be.

Aditi Solanki

Holds degree of Bachelor’s of business administration from Acropolis institute of technology and research, Indore .Pursuing MBA from prestige institute of Management and research, Indore .


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