Second World War.


Samsung has confirmed 35 such cases in South Korea and abroad – writes the agency AP.Od few weeks smartphone users include in the social media photos and videos Galaxy Note 7; some parts were completely burned. Internet users claimed that their phones suddenly zapaliły.W result of the internal control of the company determined that the cause of faulty batteries were manufactured by one of two suppliers – Samsung representative said Koh Tong Jin at a press conference. He refused to disclose the identity of the producer. “There was a slight problem during the production process,” – he added Koh.Od August 19 Samsung smartphones sold over a million Galaxy Note 7. The company has already produced approx. 2.5 million pieces of equipment, some are still in warehouses. Koh said that these smartphones are also listed on nowe.Galaxy Note 7 will not be withdrawn from China. Samsung said that devices sold in this country used batteries from another manufacturer. Earlier on Friday, information about the planned withdrawal of smartphones vile South Korean news agency Yonhap.


This portrait of one of the young couples who took part in a research project on the use of mediów.- Once when they went to dinner, I suddenly got out of the batteries in the handsets. We both panicked. They could not see what is happening on Facebook, check in. It was a source of stress for them. They began to complain that the restaurant does not have chargers – says Julia Izmałkowa, ethnographer and founder Izmałkowa Consulting, a company that for 5 years on behalf of Western media house PANMEDIA preparing a unique global research Etnomedia.

It shows the role played in the life of Poles media.Wnioski from this year’s research topple upside down the existing idea of ​​the position of traditional media. The revolution first desktop and now mobile internet, including smartphones and tablets, completely changed the way of using mediów.- The days of absolute domination of television. On the one hand, we have already 700 thousand. households in which there is no choice at all on the TV. On the other hand, growing group of conscious users whom we call “submerged active” – ​​says Ewa Góralska, managing director PANMEDIA Western.- They use several screens at once, laptop, tablet, smartphone. But they are not able to concentrate more on one seizure. A cursory reading.

They do not like to wait. They are impatient. They need information immediately, and that traditional television does not give them. Blindly reach for news, advertising accept only if they are useful – explains Julia Izmałkowa.Ewa Highlander adds that with the growing flood of information a group of people that limit contact with the media. This so-called control. Rarely watch TV, read a lot of books, and in a similar way to raise children.

Each day of the strike means a day’s work less. After two weeks, the teacher can lose half salary. Part of the local governments, which govern politicians from the camp of the opposition, promised a reward teachers. DGP probe indicates that there may be a promise of no coverage. First of all decisions ultimately take the director, even if it receives the green light from the government. A directors are also divided. – I would pay money for teachers, which would offset part in the strike. Especially that lasts for a week and not see its end.

So participation in it will be felt in the salary paid in May – says the manager of one of Warsaw’s schools. He adds that it is more and more questions from teachers about the possible payment. – They are justified as a protest against the city authorities have promised to help financially strikers – he adds. See also: Poles believe that the teachers ‘strike is right’ “political masterpiece”? How does the government takes the matter of teachers strike? [STUDIO DGP] »Joanna Gospodarczyk, director of the education department of the Warsaw City Hall, admits that yes, the president promised that the money” saved “on strike days will not be taken away and can return to teachers. The problem is the lack of relevant legislation, which would allow it.

In the capital the idea that an do my math homework for money incentive grant in the amount of lost wages. Such a move would allow the resolution adopted by the city. Olsztyn also declare that they will not take any money from the budgets of units. – measures which were intended for the payment, are still there and we do not plan to spend them on anything else – says Marta Bartoszewicz, spokeswoman for the city council in Olsztyn. In Sopot, as we have learned, it is possible to adopt a resolution, according to which directors will be able to raise the salary of a single fundamental to his teachers. – My hands are tied, I can not do anything without a decision of government. Waiting for the relevant resolutions, and then will begin withdrawing money. But I already know one thing, that the amount allocated for salaries and unpaid due to the teachers strike, will not be taken away. Will be in the budget – says Katarzyna Merchant, director of the Primary School No.

63 to them. Zawisza Czarny in Warsaw. Another problem is time. Salaries of teachers are paid in advance. So for April he had already gone. Now it will be the valley. Not all directors want to transfer money strikers. – It would be strange if I gave motivational supplement group of people who protested.

This will result in a sense of injustice among those who decided to work – says director of one of Warsaw schools. On the other hand, eg. In Piotrkow, whose president is associated with the PiS, the money will not be at all. As officials argue, would be unlawful. Krakow chosen another solution – here measures that will be, they will go to pay the salaries for those who during a protest dealt with children. – directors of schools and kindergartens who are obliged to provide such care and kindergarten students will have to hire additional people or overtime pay teachers, who did not take part in the strike – says Dariusz Nowak, head of the press office of the Medical University of Krakow. See also: Mom, dad and strike.

The children entered the business and the judicial corridors »Gardias: These financial proposals to resolve the issue this year, but the government does not want to talk about them» With salvation for teachers also moved Poles, leading public collection. Saturday had been collected 3 million zł. This is a very large amount, but considering that the strike involved 600 thousand. teachers and assuming approx. 100 zł should get a day to compensate for their participation in the strike, a drop in the ocean: for one day need 60 million zł. Another test is ósmoklasisty exam. Everything indicates, however, that in most institutions, it will be held as planned.

But now they threaten trade unionists that are threatened Baccalaureate. Because teachers do not take part in the classification boards that approve the assessment and give promotions, among others, high school graduates and technicians. Without this there is no possibility of accession to the maturity exams, which begin on May 6. Ministry does not want to let this happen and maybe change the rules. There are also schools that suspend their strike (and hardly anyone believes that it will be hung up). PNA and FZZ still speak with one voice, that he takes. Unofficially they are convinced that everyone is not chipping. But I also do not really have an idea how to get out of the heat and face him.

I am a Jew and a group of people who deny that the Holocaust took place. I find it deeply offensive, but ultimately I do not think that we should remove the platform (such news – PAP), because I think that there are different people who are wrong – Zuckerberg said in an interview published Wednesday on the website Recode. He added he did not think that people deny the Holocaust on Facebook “deliberately deceiving the” .See also: How to permanently delete your account on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchacie? »According to the head of Facebook offensive messages are not necessarily deleted unless harm or attack a person. Zuckerberg’s statement triggered a wave of criticism, including from the American non-governmental organization of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which said in a statement that Facebook has “a moral and ethical obligation” not to allow people to distribute statements denying the Holocaust. Christopher G. is accused passionate history. The reconstructions of historical portrays Hermann Goring. He claims that his ancestor was a German officer.

As explained on Wednesday in Poznan court attorney representing the victims. Dakowski Robert, Christopher G. apartment like antiques: it was full of historical memorabilia from the Second World War. Dakowski stressed that the meeting with Krzysztof G. victims occurred by chance. As pointed out, Christopher G. had to know the “ins and outs of legal work” from its neighbor. One day a friend helped a woman in a divorce case, which in turn – on the occasion of the meeting – told him about his friends from England and Robert N. Sabina, who want to spend their retirement in Poland.

Since it was Christopher G. also know that Robert N. knows little about their origins. G. “came up with a brilliant idea”: the man said he has contacts and influence among IPN, offices and that can help him to learn about his ancestors. Christopher G. created a false ancestral book, telling the man that has noble origins and is the heir to a huge fortune. Fake lawyer probably gained from the internet writings and designs represented them Robert N., saying he needs money, among others, on court fees. In this way – for almost six years – the victim of marriage cheated more than 1 million zł. You figured out that they had been cheated only when Christopher G. told them that it was filed documents in court – and it was the second day of Christmas. “Robert N. and N. Sabina are Polish citizens, but lived most of his life abroad, did not know the legal realities prevailing in Poland.

In addition, the accused claimed to be a lawyer. Of course, for the professional cast in the eye, that in the scriptures written by the accused there is something wrong. But eg. court decisions, which falsified – have been here not quite so threw it in his eyes – were forged signatures, stamps, the content – it does not look incredibly for victims “- explained Dakowski. When the victims turned to the mec. Dakowski check whether the courts actually roll up their case on assets – received the answer that they do not.

As a result, among others, with forgery of court documents has been notified to the prosecutor’s office. The case also involved CBŚP, and in the course of the investigation it turned out that not only were falsified letters, responses, court decisions, but also documents, which purported to come from the IPN or offices – in the case file, there were more than 400. The prosecution accused Christopher G ., to bring the victims to the negative regulation of property in the amount of more than 1 million zł by “putting Robert N. and N. Sabina confusion as to the origin of the noble Robert N. and succession rights to a number of properties in the form of land, buildings, lakes, forests, houses and others taken over by the State Treasury after world war II. ” Man accused also cite the influence in the courts, other state institutions, as well as concealing the proceeds of crime items – mainly antiques and collectibles. Christopher G. was also charged with illegal possession of firearms in the form of, among others, antitank grenade launcher and ammunition including air missile. On Wednesday, Poznan district court found Christopher G. guilty of all charges against him and sentenced him to a total of four years in prison and 2.5 thousand. zł fine. Also a man committed to repair the damage amounting to more than 1 million zł for the victims.

Judge Slawomir Szymanski pointed out that the accused was very convincing in their assurances, and to justify the work that allegedly performed, forged 473 documents, including that supposedly come from the courts, ministries, as well as the historical character: prints, cards, certificates from the period immediately after world war II. The judge pointed out that Krzysztof G. has made fraud a regular source of income. “The accused never earned, then a couple of times he took part in some demonstrations, happenings, which dressed up in costume Goering, but these revenues were episodic. Whereas the income of the victims provide the accused a steady source of income, which later was spent on the purchase of collector’s items, which undoubtedly constituted his passion – and this is clear from the minutes search of the apartment, when he secured hundreds of objects “- pointed to the judge. Referring to the illegal possession of weapons by the accused, the judge pointed out that the accused has consistently refused to admit to this act, claiming that “bought these items, weapons and ammunition on the Internet, being those provided, you do not need permits.” “The accused is the person reasonable. Although only a basic education has undoubtedly intelligence allows driving with such a broad activity as that which led to the commission of the alleged acts. The weapon is known, he previously had authorization to acquire weapons of gas due to the employment protection in previous period, “- said the judge.

Released on Wednesday, the sentence is not final. The accused was not in the courtroom during the reading of the judgment; his lawyer not commented judgment. The proxy injured Robert Dakowski asked, what are the chances that his clients actually received extorted money from them, he replied: “We have serious doubts.” “The accused was released from custody in March and to this day a penny not paid off. He could take any job, not necessarily the president of a large corporation, but showed no desire. At the same time noticed by the social media that leads a fairly active social life – so any measures have “- he said.

Dakowski added that between the victims and the accused entered into an agreement under which protected the pieces and antiques have hit the victims, that – following their sale – recovered some of the money. The lawyer said, however, that most likely the actual value of these items is not too big. (PAP) by Anna Jowsa At the peak of his career he was the head of Lu and public face draconian censorship of the Internet in the most populous country in the world, and for his attention sought by international tycoons, such as Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. In 2015 the magazine “Time” Lu placed among the 100 most influential people in the world. His career, however, collapsed in November 2017 when the disciplinary committee announced that it suspected him of “serious violations of discipline” – as usual euphemistically referred to corruption. Lu was “the first tiger” who fell in the great network of anti-corruption campaign, under which the authorities announced catching “tigers and flies,” or bribe-takers, large and small caliber.


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